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FM Framework

The more frequently I’m asked my colleagues in private conversations  if it’s possible to develop mobile applications in FireMonkey or is it a prototype rather than a production solution?

I think, now I can ensure even the out-and-out sceptics.

My bosom friend and colleague Tagir Yumaguzin told me about the project he took part a long time ago.  Now, when this project is in pre-release state, we decided that this description will be interesting for the Delphi community. In the essence, this is a really large project implemented in FM. We are talking about Sphere Live project.  A little article devoted to that project was recently published in Habrahabr.ru  Alexey Glyzin, chief of ‘Sphere Systems, LLC‘ development department agreed to tell more about the project taking into consideration the audience of my blog.


A.B. – Alexey, in general, what your project is?

A.G.: – The idea has not appeared at once and instantly. Before the ‘Sphere’ project our team had been working on the project where stream audio/video technologies were implemented. Later we created our own software that was able to deliver multimedia streams to an unlimited amount of users including the feedback.  But we needed to have a billing feature included.
The application had to comply the several requirements. First, the maximally simplified organization of conferences or transmission to the participants which amount we cannot predict. Second, the most important, is to give to our clients an opportunity to earn with our application and to reduce the complexity of the system, amount of instruments needed to use to reach the goal. The ease of organization of courses, webinar or just a consultation. Читать далее

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